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As independent distributors, there are the questions regarding and surrounding the newly released Forever Green Xpress Power Strips pain relief patches.

We want to take the time to strategize with you how you can earn and make money showing and sharing these unique, one of a kind revolutionary all natural pain relievers available for immediate distribution.

Can you enjoy good health and financial freedom with the Forever Green Xpress (FGXpress) business opportunity?

FGX Forever Green is a health-based organization that endeavors to provide physical pain relief and financial opportunities for millions of people internationally; their motto is “Everyday is the Season.” The company also has an interactive website where independent distributors can share the practical POWERSTRIPS product with others around the world.

The Opportunity – Make Money Sharing FGXpress Powerstrips!

FGXpress-global-business-benefitsAs for independent distributors, they have the freedom of selling this product as if it were their own. Affiliates can also use the manufacturer’s website as a point of reference when directing potential customers.

This is a limitless business opportunity for those who register as suppliers.

There are more than 120 million individuals within US alone who suffer from chronic pain disorders; Researches spend up to $650 million each year seeking a permanent cure for pain conditions.

Since FG Xpress PowerStrips are listed with the FDA as a class 1 medical device, distributors can feel confident approaching people and sharing with them this alternative solution that can help with pain and discomfort around the body.

Moreover, the Powerstrips patches are available for sale throughout the world and are currently being sold to customers in more than 120 countries globally. Since the product is already popular, one would not need to spend more money on marketing.

With such an abundance of business resources, any distributor with enough determination can aspire to become a successful entrepreneur when working with FGX forever Green.

FGXpress Compensation plan

fgxpress-distributor-benefitsThere are five different ways of earning through the FG XPRESS full compensation plan, some of them also operate simultaneously meaning that you can get money from two or more sources under the same plan. The Fgx Compensation plan opportunities include:

  • 1. Fast Start Bonus
  • 2. Rank Bonus
  • 3. Team Bonus
  • 4. Xtribe Bonus
  • 5. Matching Bonus

Powerstrips Review

FGXpress Powerstrips are a proprietary product of the parent company ForeverGreen that has been listed with the US FDA as a class 1 medical device. It’s an effective pain relief substance that aptly combines traditional wisdom with new science and technology.

Those who have used it before report positive results within the first few weeks; you will be surprise by the results as years of throbbing pain can start to melt away. The Power Strips are patented plant-based matrixes containing mild water-soluble adhesives. They are designed to be soft on the user’s skin but tough on pain.


The Powerstrips patches make extensive use of modern energy and ancient herbs.

It’s widely assumed that our bodies emit electromagnetic energy fields at certain wavelengths.

FGXpress Powerstrips Benefits

By focusing body heat and energy towards the areas that are in pain, PowerStrips are designed to provide temporary relief from pain. Moreover, this product is 100% natural.

FGXpress Far Infrared Energy

One of the main ingredients found in these natural Power Strips is Germanium; it is the substance responsible for reflecting heat, which ultimately relieves pain.

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