FGXpress PowerStrips Global Opportunity

If you are anything like us, we wanted to know if FG Xpress Power Strips offered a legitimate global business opportunity in the MLM/network marketing space or it lacked significance and relevance.

FGXpressstrips-1FGXpress continues with their goal of making Powerstrips™ available to consumers in every over 140 countries in the world. Powerstrip Users™ are feeling significant pain relief and word about its’ success is traveling incredibly fast.
The organization is a direct selling company that changed the market place by claiming it has achieved several “firsts” in the industry.

According to FGXpress:

  • FGXpress is the first direct selling company that offers PowerStrips™ which are listed as a Class 1 Medical Device with the U.S FDA.
  • FGXpress possesses mobile technology that works directly on pain in the body.
  • FGXpress is marketing their Powerstrips™ to consumers in over 100 countries.

What is FGXpress?

FGXpress is a division of ForeverGreen Worldwide. ForeverGreen is based in Utah and focuses on health restoration by providing consumers with the healthiest products that utilize the highest quality ingredients. Forevergreen founder and current CEO, Ron Williams has displayed a true passion for offering products that support the body’s health since he started ForeverGreen.

Williams says “At ForeverGreen we believe that incorporating natural and clean products into one’s daily healthy lifestyle is the basis for longevity and quality of life”.
Williams has an extensive background in the direct selling industry and has been successful in various direct selling industries, He quickly realized that most direct selling companies did not offer any direct selling opportunities in many countries when he served as President of the Multi-Level Marketing International Association.

The reason for the lack of opportunities was because most U.S. Based direct selling companies focused in the same 20 countries, typically with the larger populations. Larger populations offer faster growth and most of the time make logistics much easier.


  • Powerstrips™ are currently being used by thousands of people in over 100 countries and the immediate success of Powerstrips™ has the direct selling buzzing over this revolutionary direct selling method.
  • Powerstrips™ contain a patented, water soluble adhesive with a germanium-based solution. The strips contain germanium, Korean Red Ginseng, and Alpha 3 CMP Marine Phytoplankton.
  • Powerstrips™ are made for everyday use and the patches are skin-friendly.

PowerStrips-pain-reliefPowerstrips™ are very lightweight and thin, and a month’s supply of Powerstrips™ can be shipped to almost any country in the world via various delivery methods. Shipping and handling rates are very affordable, both domestically and worldwide.

FGXpress has a lucrative compensation model that enables individuals to earn extra income by referring others to purchase Powerstrips™ directly from GFXpress. Individuals are given an FGXpress website and can refer as many people as possible to their site to purchase Powerstrips™. The more people that buy the product, the more money that can be made. One of the ways that FGXpress pays commissions, is through a global debit card that can be used at almost ATM around the world.

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